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BugE Basic Vehicle Kit from Blue Sky Design LLC: $4000 (plus shipping)
BugE basic Vehicle Kit

Fully welded steel Chassis with front and rear mono shock suspension system.
Includes Shock Absorbers, Steering Spindles and Tie rods.
White gelcoated fiberglass Fairing with molded fenders and storage compartment,
Fiberglass Seat Pan with rear fender, fiberglass Battery compartment, Bucket Seat.
Optically blown clear acrylic Canopy
Seat cover, custom wheel Sprocket and motor Sprocket
Specialty fasteners, latches, switches, parking brake Lever
Powder coated mag type cast aluminum Wheels with Brakes and Tires
84 page illustrated Assembly Manual, complete part and tool list
Owners Manual, decal set, Certificate Of Origin.

Lighting & Control Kit from Blue Sky Design LLC: $325 (plus shipping)
12 volt wiring harness
Control switches
Brake light and turn signals
Chain, horn, relay
Brake levers and cables

Power Kit from SHIFTEV.com $3493.63 (plus shipping)
48 volt Advanced DC drive motor
Power Controller
Charging System
Throttle pot.
Power meter
DC/DC converter

Designed and built by Blue Sky Design LLC, Creswell, Oregon, USA