36 DCoupe Woody

Electric Surf-mobile

Completed Earth Day 2008 - 40 miles per hour, 36 volt
Sold to Kraig Schultz Sept. 2008 so I could build a velomobile, I do not need a motor if I can propel myself.
The completed velomobile project.


BugE Woody

9'6" Robert August Nose Rider carried on BugE surf rack

light mount
rack mount

tow hook loops and surf board
front rack mount

seat pan held in place by pin,
no bolt, charger in battery pan

heavy motor mount strap

More information at BugEv.net

seat mount

Simple, adjustable, flip up seat mount made with Alu angle

More information at BugEv.net
speedo A Trail Tech " Vapor" speedometer was mounted but required an extension cable and a bracket welded to mount the pick up sensor. The magnet was mounted by drilling an 1/8" hole in the chain sprocket. This unit will accomodate a motor temperature pick up also.