Who is Blue Sky Design LLC?

Blue Sky Design LLC History

The BugE is a collaboration of community based small businesses to combine expertise in a sustainable new project; the BugE Personal Electric Transporter.

This network of small family owned companies in towns such as Creswell, Goshen, Cottage Grove, Junction City, Springfield and Eugene Oregon along with Vendors in Washington, California and North Carolina are all dedicated to providing personal service and attention. Based on neighborly cooperation where everyone knows your name and personal reputation is your best asset.

By building a BugE kit vehicle, you have the opportunity to share in a grass roots community based business network where you can be the local source for BugEs in your community linked to us by a common desire to offer something directly to people who can benefit from a clean low impact alternative vehicle.

One may sit around waiting for major international corporations to act , or we can take action now by building and using a BugE.

We can wait for imported copy cat or alternative products from exploitive factories in third world countries or build them ourselves, keeping money in local hands.

The BugE is simply a Model T for the 21st century.

As the saying goes, think Global, act Local one BugE at a time.

Thank you for your support

Mark Murphy
Blue Sky Design LLC

Designed and built by Blue Sky Design LLC, Creswell, Oregon, USA